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    Cineversity (Cinema 4D): Mograph | 3.56 GB

    "You know, if you Mograf as good as I am?" - Periodically repeats himself Dr. Sassi (Dr. Sassi) ... and as no surprise, but he knows his excellent! what we can see for yourself. This collection contains the maximum amount of information necessary for 2D-3D-artist for the realization of its ambitious and unique zadumok ... specially created by Dr. Sassi for mimbar Sineversiti (off. lessons from Maksona - "Online Academy"). one word LEARNED HOW TO USE .... module Mograf. Mograf - this module, I'd call, spetseffektora ... It is based on normal Kloner (cloning objects), with which you can do incredible things with just one mouse click. and various effectors (Extruders, Tracers, ejectors, AudioEffektory, Effects of textures .... etc) will help you to build and diversify animations quickly and easily, for which previously required all sorts of tricks, or additional plug-ins ...
    Language: English

    Dr. Sassi has had a varied career combining art and technology. He has an advanced degree in Architecture, a Bachelor second (MoFA) from the University of Art in Berlin in Art, Set-Design and Architecture, Painting and Video and a Ph.D. from Technical University Berlin in Computer Animation. He was the chief designer in an Architecture firm, ran his own paint studio and provided technical support and set design for feature and short-films in Europe. In 1999 he founded his own company, doc-media communication. Along the way he has had his work featured in over 20 exhibitions in Europe. He has been working with 3D, Photoshop and numerous other applications over more than one decade. Dr. Sassi has been a member of the Pixel Corps since 2004, and has produced over 700 dtts tutorials on CINEMA 4D for its members. 800 tutorials over all. Since 2006: instructor of Cineversity: °) Currently working on a Movie Short

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