Clinical Sports Medicine

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    Peter Brukner, Karim Khan "Clinical Sports Medicine
    DVDrip | English | 2006 | ISBN: 00074716972 | 720 x 576 Pal 25FPS | XVID 2.33 Mbps | mp3@128k 2 channel stereo | 915 MB
    Genre: Training

    The Clinical Sports Medicine DVD" is an innovative new tool to help both students and practitioners with the clinical aspects of sports related injuries. Created by the internationally renowned sports medicine practitioners Peter Brukner and Karim Khan (authors of the bestselling "Clinical Sports Medicine" book), the DVD contains a variety of video sequences showing clinical examinations of key anatomical regions. The DVD has been designed using a step-by-step format to highlight the correct examination procedures and brings the best-selling text to life.Clinical Sports Medicine 3e DVD is an innovative learning tool to help clinicians, students and coaches with clinical examination and rehabilitation of sports-related and musculoskeletal injuries. With nearly an hour of footage, the DVD contains 12 detailed sequences showing assessment of key anatomical regions, tests, rehabilitation exercises and taping techniques.Designed and conceived by the authors to be tightly integrated with the best-selling Clinical Sports Medicine book, the visual demonstrations combine theory with practice. Each segment has been designed using a step by step format to highlight the correct procedure, such as range of motion testing, precise palpation, special tests, stability testing and functional exercises.

    Clinical Examination - with Peter Brukner (4.20 m)
    Shoulder Range of Motion; Resisted Movements; Lift Off Test; Impingement Test; Speed’s Test; Palpation; Instability Tests; Sulcus Sign; Scapular Assistance Test; Paxinos Test; O’Brien’s Test.
    Rehabilitation - with Justin Steer (5.29 m)
    Scapular Protraction and Retraction; Trampoline; Wand; Scapular Retraction; The Clock; Wall Push-Up; Scaption; Theraband; Ball-Throw; Closed Chain; Plyoball; Low Row; Lawnmower; The Hold-Up!; Inferior Glide
    Clinical Examination - with Simon Bell (4.08 m)
    Palpation; Range of Motion; Resisted Movement; Stability Testing
    Clinical Examination – with Andrew Garnham (5.48 m)
    Palpation; Watson’s Test; Finkelstein’s Test; Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Clinical Examination - with Peter Brukner (1.50 m)
    Range of Motion; Palpation; Paraspinal Muscles; Intervertebral Joints; Sacroiliac Joints; Gluteal Trigger Joints
    Clinical Examination - with Hayden Morris (4.35 m)
    Testing for Effusion; Palpation; Stability Tests; MCL; LCL; Cruciate Ligaments; Lachman’s Test; Anterior Drawer Test; Pivot Shift Test; Postero-Lateral Instability; Patellar Apprehension Test; McMurray’s Test
    Rehabilitation - with Randall Cooper (3.30 m)
    Static VMO Quadriceps Contraction; Assisted Knee Flexion; Quadriceps Contraction; Calf Raises; Bridge; Theraband; Lunge; Arabesque Squat; Double Legged Squat; Single Leg Squat; Mini Trampoline Exercises; Wobble Board; Dura-Disc; Jump & Land; Plyometric Exercises; Agility Exercises
    Clinical Examination – with Sallie Cowan (9.43 m)
    Anterior Knee Pain Assessment; Palpation; Assessment of Flexibility; Thomas’s Test; Ober’s Test; Hip Range of Motion; Figure 4 Test
    Rehabilitation - with Kay Crossley (6.15 m)
    Patella Taping; Medial Glide; Medial Tilt; Rotation; Unloading Fat Pad; Inhibiting Vastus Lateralis; Soft Tissue Techniques; Dry Needling
    Rehabilitation - with Jill Cook (2.38 m)
    Patellar Tendon Rehabilitation including use of the decline board.
    Taping - with Justin Steer (2.33 m)
    Taping of the Ankle; Figure 6; Figure 8; Heel Lock
    Clinical Assessment – with Bec Moriarty (3.05 m)

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