cmiVFX - Cinema 4D: Thinking Particles and XPresso Training

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    cmiVFX - Cinema 4D: Thinking Particles and XPresso Training
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    cmiVFX Releases New Thinking Particles and XPresso Video Kit for CINEMA 4D R11

    Introduction to XPresso
    Understanding how to navigate and create inside XPresso is crucial to managing Thinking Particles. With clear step by step execution, we will instruct you on the principals of working with XPresso networks and how they divide into the connections you would potentially seek.

    Thinking like TP
    As with learning any new language, we learn to follow different rules then what we are used to. Thinking Particles is no exception to the rule. It has its own rules and workflow. Decrypting how the system "thinks" is one of the most crucial endeavors, so that later on you can read-write solid TP networks knowing exactly why they are connected in such a way to be enhanced.

    About Presets
    Our presets are equally impressive in quantity and quality, because they were customized to fit each lesson based on the rules in which TP was designed. Learn how to read the presets in a way that will allow you to customize them while introducing new rules in the network.

    Generators Paradise
    The most important group of nodes, with out a doubt, are the Generator group. Without them, we have no particles at all! Each one of the generators has its own power and influence. All the information you will ever need will be described here in detail in addition to important xpresso workflows examples.

    Setting New Rules
    Even though it is important to know what any single node can do, it is indispensable to know how to get them to communicate. As the training progresses, we gradually get knowledge of how to set new rules for the particles by combining XPresso and TP networks.

    Force Factory
    Thinking Particles is well known for its Dynamic group of nodes. In our lessons we will increase the complexity of the examples incrementally building from the ground up. We feel it is the only way for the viewer to absorb the intensity of its workflow.

    Emission Control
    By this time you will already know how to work with the generators and dynamic groups. Now its time to start bending the rules a bit and combine nodes together to achieve something interesting and new. As with any other node in TP we can also customize the emission of particles in any way we want. So get ready for some really cool particles!

    Particles Control
    Drawing cool formations of particles is not a simple task, so we will take the time to scrutinize the scenes. We search for what would be the best network setup, while keeping it simple and efficient.

    Groups Heaven
    Thinking Particles strong point is definitely the ability to work with particle groups in which certain tasks can be assigned. TP allow the user to create and customize the creation and rules of groups on an infinity way. During each lesson we, will be dealing with this topic so it is sure that all users talk the group language as if it was their own.

    Solidifying TP
    Another great feature of Thinking Particles is the possibility of working with geometries. There are severals tips and tricks to make them work properly, assuring that they are doing exactly what you want. We will take you trough all of the important aspects of working with particle geometry.

    Breaking Up is hard to do
    Building networks to break things up will be our focus in this set of lessons. Some of them can be really tricky but do not worry! Once you finish these lessons you will be able to break objects about as much as an angry spouse!

    Object Integration
    By this time you will feel warm and fuzzy about Thinking Particle networks. Its time to integrate them into the projects and have them affect each other respectively. Our networks are clearly more extensive now, mixing XPresso nodes and TP nodes seamlessly and accurately. Driving the actions of our particles with a current scene animation is something really fun to do!

    Breaking Barriers
    Now that you have consumed all this knowledge it is time to test it out with a larger scale project. We will build together, from the ground up, a scene with an extensive list of rules inside Thinking Particles. Then after its ready and tweaked, we will set it to explode in all its glory with pieces flying and a storm of particles everywhere!

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