Digital-tutors : Introduction to Lighting in 3ds Max

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    Digital-tutors : Introduction to Lighting in 3ds Max | 421Mb

    Learn an essential workflow to lighting in 3ds Max and fundamental techniques to establishing moods and adding greater realism to your scenes through lighting. Contains over 2 hours of project-based training. Ideal for new and beginning artists.
    Popular highlights include: Overview of Standard Light Types; Overview of Photometric Lights; Controlling Light Decay and Attenuation; Modeling Environments to Scale for Accurate Lighting; Using Shadow Maps for Efficient Rendering; Utilizing Accurate Raytraced Shadows; Creating Soft and Diffuse Shadows; Real-world Lighting Profiles with Photometric Lights; Exposure Controls to View HDR Renders; Outdoor Lighting with Daylight System and Skylight; Altering Rendering Controls for Objects; Adding Glow Effects to Geometry and Lights; Creating Volumetric Lighting Effects; Radiosity to Simulate Indirect Illumination; Using the Light Lister; Creating Gobo Effects.



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