Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits, Volume 4

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    Rudolf Graf, William Sheets, "Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits, Volume 4"
    McGraw-Hill Companies (June 1992) | ISBN-10: 0071577122 | 744 Pages | PDF | 24,3 MB

    This Fourth Volume of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits offers you hundreds of all-new schematics by the most up-to-date leaders such as Motorola, Texas Instruments, General Electric, RCA, and National Semiconductor.

    Easy to use, this giant collection of original circuits is tightly organized and includes an extensive index to all of the circuits presented in the book, as well as for the circuits found in each of the previous three editions. You'll find complete descriptions of:

    * Automotive circuits
    * Alarm and security circuits
    * Computer-related circuits
    * Audio circuits
    * Ultrasonic and video circuits
    * And much more!

    Locating a wide variety of circuits is virtually effortless in this incredibly convenient, yet comprehensive sourcebook, the perfect reference guide for all levels of electronics practitioners.

    Praise for previous volumes of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits:

    "You'll love this book if you find pleasure from building circuits...Definitely a book for the workshop library." -- Practical Electronics

    "...a virtual treasure house...an invaluable reference tool for every hobbyist. technician, student, and design professional." -- Electronics for You

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