Netmetric CCIE Security Bootcamp

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    Netmetric CCIE Security Bootcamp | 4.03 GB

    Netmetric Solution’s Security CCIE Class-on-Demand is a self-paced version of our CCIE Lab Bootcamp. The Class-on-Demand offers our 7 day Lab bootcamp labs in a recorded video format with Live demonstration of all the Technology and Super Labs. The Labs are conducted by Khawar Butt.

    The video includes video with voice explanations. The recorded format allows you to learn the highly complex CCIE Security technologies on a schedule that works for you!

    You will automatically receive updates at no charge as our class curriculum changes with the progression of the CCIE Lab.

    • DVD that contains all the Initial Configs, Final Configs and the AVI file (Voice and Video) for all the labs that Khawar covers in a normal CCIE Security Lab Bootcamp.
    • More than 40 hours of content from one of the most well known Security instructors in the Industry, Khawar Butt CCIE#12353 (R/S, Security, SP)
    Topics and Labs

    Module 1 – Firewalls (ASA/PIX) • Basic Initialization of PIX / ASA
    • Translations and Connections
    • Access Control – ACLs , ICMP & Object Groups
    • IP Routing – RIP & OSPF
    • Application Aware Inspection
    • QoS on Firewalls
    • Transparent Firewalls
    • Security Contexts
    • Failover – Active/Standby and Active/Active

    • IPSec LAN-to-LAN with and without NAT-T
    • QoS with IPSec
    • EZVPN in Client and Network Extension Mode
    • DMVPN
    • High Availability VPN with HSRP-IPSec
    • Basic Initialization of VPN Concentrator
    • VPN Concentrator IP Routing
    • VPN Concentrator Administration Control and Advanced Security
    • IPSec LAN-to-LAN Tunnels from VPN Concentrator to Router
    • EZVPN with VPN Concentrator as Server and Router as a Client
    • NAT on Concentrator for Overlapping Subnets IPSec Tunnels
    • Remote Access with Split-tunnel and RRI
    • Web VPN

    Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
    • IDS on a Router
    • IDS on a PIX / ASA
    • Basic Initialization of IPS 4200 Series Appliance
    • SPAN / RSPAN
    • Configuring IPS in Promiscuous Mode
    • Signature Tuning
    • Configuring Blocking on IPS Sensor
    • Configuring IPS in Inline Mode
    • Custom Stream Signatures
    • Custom HTTP Signatures
    • Custom Packet Signatures

    Identity Management
    • Cisco Secure ACS Configuration for Network Devices
    • Configuring User and Groups on the Cisco Secure ACS server
    • Configuring AAA Authentication for Routers, Switches, ASA / PIX and VPN Concentrator from ACS Server
    • Configuring AAA Command Authorization
    • Configuring AAA Accounting
    • Configuring L2 NAC Framework – 802.1x

    Advanced Security
    • Preventing IP Spoofing using ACL’s and RPF
    • Configuring NAT on Routers
    • Configuring the IP TCP Intercept Feature on the Router
    • Disabling Unnessary servicecs on the Router
    • Configuring Port Security on the Catalyst Switch
    • Configuring DHCP Snooping
    • Configuring Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) to prevent ARP Spoofing
    • Mitigating DHCP Attacks
    • Mitigating Dos Attacks using CAR
    • Using NBAR to Block Attacks

    IOS Firewall
    Configuring complex CBAC configuration.
    Mitigating DoS attacks by using CBAC
    Configuring Java Filtering
    Configuring URL Filtering

    Super Lab
    Section 1 – Basic Firewall – IOS / PIX / ASA
    Section 2 – Advanced Firewall – IOS / PIX / ASA
    Section 3 – Basic IPS / IDS Configuration
    Section 4 – Advanced IPS / IDS Configuration
    Section 5 – Basic VPN Concentrator Configuration
    Section 6 – Basic IPSec Tunnels
    Section 7 – Advanced IPSec Tunnels
    Section 8 – Access / Identity Management (ACS Server)
    Section 9 – Network & Switch Security
    Section 10 – Network Attacks For USA, EU, Japan, Sing, Au, Ru, UAE, SA.
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