Security AIO DVD January 2010

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    Security AIO DVD January 2010 | 4.32GB

    Ever wanted all Security tools in one DVD ? - without having to look countless hours on the internet and finding proper sn's , safe & patches or keygens etc. ?
    Dream no more because this DVD is here!
    Designed with the latest antivirus , antispyware and all necessary desinfection tools plus firewalls so you will feel safe , this is the most complete DVD kit ever made .

    Due to the fact that every antivirus detects his Keygen Type patch I have removed them and added in the majority of the cases notepads that have "How To" guides and "Sn" containing serials ; In some cases where the patch was the only way to patch the app , I have included in a archive with a password : Open.

    I hope you enjoy this as much as I do ;


    What do I get in this DVD kit?

    - First of all you get all security products updated and with a 100% working sn , keygen patch or a trick method in one DVD size ISO.

    ( Attention: ISO might be on some systems shown as 4,48 GB because of the .ISO format)

    A 4.33/4.4 Gb DVD specially desined so it fits into a Blank DVD , you just need to burn it at a low speed to avoid errors - I recommend 4x or 8x

    root - content #1:
    Antiviruses (latest editions - official pages) (if new setups arrive - updates will be available)
    Security AIO DVD January 2010
    with afferent and special bonuses inside .

    - with all updates and security patches
    Security AIO DVD January 2010

    - tools used for cleaning an infected computer or preventig it from being infected ;
    - you will find a lot of useful tools here that normally you would not locate them directly on the web
    Security AIO DVD January 2010

    Recovery Partition Maintain OS & Stealth Software:
    - that contains some essential tools for recovering , mantaining and stealth work
    Emergency Boot Disk
    Wipe HDD - dban

    You will also find on the DVD :
    (You may find it included in the DVD or some helpful links)

    Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 SP1 - because some antviruses request this and it's also a good to have update o your system (BootStrap Loader)

    Other containing ( Root of the DVD)

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