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    Train Signal - Cisco 640-553 CCNA Security - Additional Content | 2150MB

    In as Little as 13 Hours, You’ll Learn How To Identify, Lockdown, &
    Secure Vulnerabilities in a Small to Medium Enterprise Branch Network…
    And Have the Knowledge Necessary to Pass the Cisco CCNA Security/IINS 640-553 Exam…Guaranteed!

    A Letter From Chris Bryant
    CCIE #12933, CCNA, CCNP

    You cannot be a Cisco Network Administrator without knowing Cisco Security. Today, security knowledge is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity in nearly any IT position.

    Any job applicant, from the most experienced network admin to the entry level junior admin will be required to demonstrate a substantial amount of knowledge concerning security elements.

    Passing the CCNA Security exam and proving your security knowledge is difficult. That’s why I have created this comprehensive course that shows you how to tackle the diverse security issues that you will face on the exam and in the real world.

    As with all Train Signal courses, this CCNA Security course presents the same combination of clearly explained theory and an abundance of “real world” lab examples using the new Security Device Manager (SDM) and the Command Line. This exciting course contains over 13 hours of video instruction where I break down network security theory as you work hands on with real Cisco routers & switches… and secure your own network!
    Cisco CCNA Security Training Course FAQs
    “Am I qualified to take this course?”

    YES! If you are a network administrator, an aspiring network administrator, or have on-the-job security experience, this course will build a stronger foundation of advanced security concepts.

    YES! If you have Cisco CCNA Certification or a basic understanding of Cisco Routers and Switches (without certification), this course is for you.

    Note: The prerequisite to take the Cisco CCNA Security exam is Cisco CCNA certification.

    Note: If you plan to continue on to the CCSP certification, the Cisco CCNA Security certification is the prerequisite.
    “Do I need Cisco equipment to complete this training course?”

    NO You do not need any Cisco equipment to watch the videos or to pass the Cisco CCNA Security/IINS 640-553 exam; however, working hands-on with Cisco equipment may enhance your training experience.
    “I already have my CCNA. Do I need my Cisco CCNA Security certification?”

    YES! The ability to secure a Cisco network is one of the most marketable skills for any Cisco professional and network security has never been more important.

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