Windows XP NASA SP3 SATA 2010

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    Windows XP NASA SP3 SATA 2010 | 753 MB

    نسخة ويندوز إكس بي سيفر باك 3 نسخة ممتازة

    Windows XP NASA SP3 2010 with SATA .. Now avaliable with High-Technology and amazing specification make you takes off like rocket to unlimited world !! - It's fully stable, strong, NO system errors, Safe and faster 3 times than any other Windows ..- Added new technology used for the first time to double speed of the Internet 5 times faster than your current speed . High techniques to increase the VGA clarity and sound effects ..
    Enjoy with supernatural performance to Graphics and Multimedia . - Charming appearance with high resolution Themes, Icons, Wallpaper, Buttons ..- The Great surprise .. You can change the windows appearance fully (themes,icons,sounds,screens,wallpapers..etc) To Windows Vista or 7 or Mac OS appearance with one click !! - Integrated SATA drivers + latest updates and hotfixes from microsoft + collection of the most important full and updated programs .
    - Keep your privacy with function of hide your computer from the local network .

    Release Name: Windows XP NASA SP3 SATA 2010
    System: Windows XP Professional SP3 Original MSDN
    Year: 2009
    CD Key: Already Slipstreamed Original Key
    Activation: Already activated
    Install method: Unattended
    Integrated SATA drivers
    Integrated latest updates and hotfixes
    File format: ISO
    Size: 753 MB
    Accept updates form microsoft

    Added Programs:
    Yahoo Masenger 10
    Multi messenger Patch
    Clean Unistaller
    Avira Antivirus Personnal edition
    yahoo messenger 10
    Multiyahoo messenger regit
    flash player
    windows media player 11
    K-lite Kodec
    Mozilla FUirefox 3.5
    Ultra ISO
    Aero Ultimate7
    Netframework 2
    winrar 3.8
    Crystal Rocket dock
    True transperncy
    Icon Pakager
    EasySaver BB

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